Viktor Nikolaievitch Kudryavtsev


Dear Romain!

Thank You very much for your warm words on my address

1/ as a generous man  

2/ for the high appreciation of the specialist – Professional coach of figure skating who brought up the World class figure skaters: S. Volkov, L. Smirnova, A. Suraykin (pair skating), M. Butyrskaya, I. Kulik, K. Ivanova, E. Sokolova, I. Klimkin, V. Volchkova and many other sportsmens as well as advising for many years Elite World skaters from America, Japan, Switzerland…

3/ for the person who played an important role in your life.

I was very pleased to meet you and work together with you on ice “…”

Join talks about figure skating, technique and methods of training showed how a young specialist trainer you are, deeply interested in the work as a coach, striving to learn knowledge and experience in the field of figure skating.

I am impressed that you always work with your skates on, by the way you very well demonstrated and skated all the programs, your erudition and intellect to develop your thinking, all these qualities will help you to manifest yourself as a coach. For modern figure skating, as you know the technique of figure skating, choreography, music, and you even play the piano and compose music: all of this can only help you grow into a successful figure skating trainer “…”

I recommend all coaches and leaders of sports schools of figure skating to involve Romain Gazave in setting up programs and working out these programs. And to carry out working wih him on ice, on choreography, skating skills and transitions.

Honored Coach of USSR and Russia,

15 November 2017

Viktor Nikolaievitch Kudryavtsev