About me

biography about me

Born in the French Alps, I started both piano and figure skating at the age of 6 in Megève. Notable Alumni of the National Institute of Sport, expertise & performances (INSEP), and formerly French National team member:  I won a Silver medal at the Junior Nationals championships, as well as multiple medals in international competitions notably a Bronze Medal at the ISU Junior Grand-Prix of Slovakia

Later on, I studied Piano professionally in the superior division class of Marian Rybicki at the “ENMP” (Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris) and became a private student for 4 years of Jean Fassina

Romain Gazave Choreographing Megève 2022
Romain Gazave Piano Courchevel Hall
Romain GAZAVE Art On Ice

Professional Shows

Combining my 2 passions (figure skating & piano) allowed me not only to perform a unique Act for over 10 years around the world in many prestigious shows such as:  Stars On Ice (IMG), Art On Ice, Champions On Ice, Russian Ice Stars…  but also to present many duo numbers and piano accompaniments for ice-skating stars, circus artists (from Cirque du Soleil) and worldwide famous singers.

Romain Gazave Art On Ice with Anatoly Zalievsky
Romain Gazave Stars On Ice IMG

Coach / Choreographer

Since 2010, I’ve worked with many International figure skating medallist, training more than 15 different National champions (from various countries), and I’ve been part of many International Camps, Master Classes and Seminars (alongside Viktor Kudriavstev, Florent Amodio & Nikolaï Morozov, Brian Orser & Javier Fernandez…).

Romain Gazave Megève 2022 with Nena

Beside doing choreography for Shows, TV programs, Galas, I work mainly as a Trainer, Technical Coach & Choreographer for many different Clubs and Federations around the world.

Romain Gazave with Snow Leopards Moscow
Ice2impulse Coaches Team 2022